Myrtle Beach Art Instructor

My name is Michelle Wallace and I am the art instructor here at Happy Hour Paint of Myrtle Beach. I live in Myrtle Beach with my husband Jeff and my fur babies, Millie and Piper (our mini dachshunds). I’m a certified Art Teacher with a Master’s degree in Art Education. I’ve taught Art for 20 years in three different parts of the country; Northern New York, Oregon and North Carolina (near Charlotte).

For over a decade, I had dreamed of opening my own shop but being the best Art teacher was too important I could not divide my time between school and running a business. AND NOW…

I can dedicate my time and energy to My Shop! Happy Hour Paint in Myrtle Beach.

Very proudly, I can say I’m a small business owner!


More about my Credentials:

At the State University of New York at Potsdam, SUNY Potsdam, I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Art. I attended St. Lawrence University for Art Education. I graduated with honors certified to teach Art Kindergarten through 12th grade. After completing my Bachelors, I continued at SUNY Potsdam earning my Master’s Degree.

My philosophy in college was if I’m paying for this, I’m getting my Money’s worth. I overloaded my schedule with as many art classes as I could possibly fit. So, here’s the list Drawing, Color and Design, Art History 1 and 2 from Ancient to Modern, Painting, Sculpture, Pottery 1 and 2, Photography, Printmaking 1,2, 3, 4, 5 (printmaking allows you to draw, paint, carve and use photography all in one so that was a win win!).

My first Art teaching position was working as an Art Teacher/Therapist in the Preschools for students with Special Needs. Can’t wasn’t in those little guys vocabulary very rewarding experience. As for teaching Middle School Art now that’s another story, but I can proudly say I made a difference and learned a lot! I finished up my career in Elementary Art helping them develop their artistic skills each year. Occasionally, some of my former students would come visit and tower over me!

HAPPY HOUR PAINT provides paint and sip art classes in Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area of SC. Our classes are perfect for any special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties or just a night out with your friends. Bring your own food and drink and enjoy painting a masterpiece!

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