Chalk N Sip Decor Workshop *9/26

  • September 26, 2018
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Chalk Home Decor      Certified Art Teacher:  Michelle Wallace

Price: Medium 9 x12 $35   or  Large size 12×18 $45     

You may choose from 2 sizes Medium size B(9×12) Large Size C (12×18)

Each size has many designs to choose pictured below.  Please select one design or choose from what is in stock at the time of the event. 

Arrive around 5:30,  pop the cork and socialize. Class ends around 8pm if you need more time, there’s no rush, it’s Happy Hour! YES! it’s BYOB, so bring your favorite beverages and snacks

All materials are provided with Step by Step Instruction to create your Home Decor Project. You will get a board Surface that you can paint any color or  wood plank available in med and large sizes. Use of a variety of colors of Chalk Pastes and use of a Design Transfer/Stencil.  Please choose from the designs pictured. I do order new designs and if you change your mind when you get here that’s fine. I cannot plan for which design will be popular, in that case the first person uses the design and it is cleaned, dried and ready for you to use in minutes. These transfers are like reusable adhesive backed silkscreens!

Discount codes cannot be used for this workshop. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. .

Pictures of Size B Designs, the Medium Project(9 x 12) below. You must select one to ensure availability or choose from what is in stock at the time of the event. Then pictures of large size will follow the medium size.

new Holiday designs!

 Winter Wonderland not everything will fit on a 9″x12″ board so if you would like a larger scene choose the large board 12″x 18″ add fall or christmas accents to make this vintage truck festive!

      make a wreath with detailed fall leaves and add one of these words



Pictures of Size C Designs below.You must select one to ensure availability or choose from what is in stock at the time of the event.

Holiday designs I have spider webs and spiders too!!!

 vintage truck add festival Fall or Christmas accents

Winter Wonderland makes a beautiful scene on a large board 12″x 18″  The design “This way to… the Beach, mountains, lake etc” can fit either size it is a little tight on the medium size board better on the large board.


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